We are experienced industry procurement and supply chain specialists who connect Australian and New Zealand businesses to projects large and small.
We are a not-for-profit organisation guided by a clear vision: To contribute to increased economic activity and employment for Australia and New Zealand, by driving Australian capability by connecting organisations and governments to local businesses and skills.
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Value of contracts awarded to Australian and New Zealand companies.
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Australian and New Zealand companies on our database
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Industry Specialists working to help save time and money in the procurement process.
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Contracts awarded to companies through ICN.

The ICN Network

ICN is made up of member organisations with procurement and supply chain expertise to provide you with specialist support and advice in your industry and local market.
Every day we work with local suppliers and project managers to help save valuable time and money in the procurement process. We also help to secure billions of dollars in contracts and jobs that may otherwise have gone overseas.
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The ICN Ecosytem

When you use our products and services, you are helping to stimulate and foster an open and competitive marketplace for Australian and New Zealand industry.
Our integrated service offering means you can choose to use some or all our products in your procurement journey. Our state offices offer various additional services from Industry Briefings to supplier identification services. If you would like to know more, please contact your relevant state office.
ICN Ecosystem
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We provide products and services to drive industry capabilities and growth.

Whatever industry you operate in, we can provide you with powerful procurement and supply chain tools, backed by expert advice and support.

Gateway by ICN
Save time and money by matching capabilities and connecting them with our expert team of national industry specialists.
Procure by ICN
An end-to-end modular procurement sourcing solution with integrated access to Australia’s largest validated supplier database.
Perspective by ICN
Market intelligence to help with the development of contracting and procurement plans, helping you to identify key areas for expansion.
Insight by ICN
Real-time data visualisations allowing you to see at a glance how your project is performing and make informed decisions quickly
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All your procurement and supply chain solutions in one place

Save time and money by matching capabilities and connecting them with our expert team of industry specialists.
ICN Gateway is the pivotal connection between major projects and the best suppliers in the regions. It is a simple, easy to use tool for major projects across Australia to promote upcoming procurement and contracting opportunities.
Maximise the exposure of your project.
Promote upcoming procurement and contracting opportunities
Clearly define the scope of your project
Meet local procurement corporate responsibility and regulatory demands
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A single end to end procurement sourcing solution integrated with Australia’s largest validated supplier database.
Procure by ICN allows you to streamline all your procurement processes into one, easy-to-use system. Connected to ICN’s network of 80,000+ verified Australian suppliers you are sure to find the best fit supplier for your project.
One place to manage it all
Easily onboard your suppliers
Demonstrate investment into local suppliers and social license
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Providing market intelligence to help with all of your contracting and procurement plans and identifying key areas for expansion.
Perspective by ICN is a capability analysis tool designed to increase the understanding of business capabilities in different regions and sectors.
Plan your procurement with greater accuracy in the design stage
Understand the capabilities in various regions and sectors
Clearly define the scope of your project
Plan and set local industry participation targets
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Identify opportunities and influence decisions using intuitive visualization of real-time industry Big Data.
Insight by ICN provides you with real-time data visualisations allowing you to quickly make informed decisions to drive your strategic actions.
See instantly how your project is performing
Simplify data management with efficiency and accuracy
Easily view critical information on supplier performance and expressions of interest
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What's Next

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Social Procurement Strategy

Providing buyers and suppliers a way to achieve social goals by integrating social procurement with their business objectives to help build competitive advantage in the marketplace.
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Carbon Neutral Strategy

A tool to address different levels of understanding held by businesses about climate change and standardise data and reports providing decision makers with quality information to take action on.